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Makeup Perfector Naked
MPS NakedMPS Naked Dry & WetMPS Naked Dry & Wet





Makeup Perfector Naked has NO added color or bleaching, preferable for more sensitive skin types. The color you get is the natural color of the sponge, mix of White/LightCream color.

Say Goodbye to heavy cakey looking Makeup. The secret to getting that 'No Makeup Makeup' Naked look is in the Application. One Sponge can be used to do Full Face Makeup, quickly and easily.

High-Definition finish with Minimum product waste – Less Makeup product is needed when using Makeup Perfector Sponge. Your other Makeup products will last longer. The Sponge doubles in size when Wet. Your Makeup products sit on top and don't get all absorbed inside.

What is Makeup Perfector, and what makes it different?

The Sponge is made of High-Quality LATEX-FREE Material, it's Hypoallergenic, Great for Sensitive Skin

Our own Unique Balance of Softness, Texture, and Density. Perfect amount of Softness and Bounce to get HD Flawless looking coverage in less than a minute.



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