How Our Diwali 2021 Gifting Works:

***The Gifting starts from Now until October 25th midnight***

Every order above 2000 RS will receive our precious 100% RAW, ORGANIC CACAO BUTTER 15ml.

*15ml Cacao Butter is Not listed on our website. But we are adding it to every order above 2000 RS

With orders 4000 RS and above, you will also be receiving an additional two samples of our products, which are a pretty amazing way to try out some of our creations.

For orders 6000 RS and above, you will be receiving 15ml Cacao and 3 samples of our products.

With orders worth 8000 RS and above, you will receive 15ml Cacao and 10ml Pure Argan. ( also add a request for 4 samples you’d like along with your Free Argan and Cacao! )

Samples Available:

Calendula Salve 5ml ( CL )
Exfoliating Cleanser 5ml ( EX )
Hydrating Serum Mist 5ml ( HY )
Sun Salve 5ml ( SU )
Vitamin C Face Mask 5ml ( FM )
Vitamin C Face Serum 5ml ( VC )

*You can choose which samples you would like, just list them in the Order Notes section on the checkout page. There is limited space in the Order Notes section, so please use the product codes above when requesting samples: CL, EX, etc…


What if my cart before discount is 8000 RS, and then after discount it is below 8000 RS, do I still qualify for the 4th tier…the Free Cacao, Argan, and 4 samples?

Yes, you will qualify. We are looking at the Cart amount Before any discount.