Our Founders 

YBP, a brand founded by Payal & Satyen Thaker, exists to bring no nonsense products to the Indian market, and to change the standards that have been created by the beauty industry. We are here to make products that you need, will enjoy, and that will never damage your skin, in the short or long run. We are here to let you in on the biggest beauty secret of them all: Your face is better off on its own! You don’t actually need so many beauty products. 

We are here to change the Beauty Game and to make fewer but extremely high quality products that you will look forward to use over and over again. 


We develop everything from scratch; every ingredient, every product has its own unique touch to it, and we take a lot of time formulating and making sure they actually work. 

YBP Makeup

With zillions of lipsticks and eyeliners out there already, we wanted to focus on making makeup products that are important to each one of us, but also has its own touch. Not creating products just to market and sell, but to make it simple and easy for every girl on the go. 

With our makeup products, we enjoy creativity, uniqueness, and a touch of glam without losing its usefulness. Every makeup product we make will be multi-functional, easy to use, and for people who love the idea of effective minimalism. 

YBP Skin Care

A project very close to Payal’s heart. 

What your skin really needs is support. It needs the right tools and a few simple products to perform the job it was designed to do; Products that lay the foundation for healthy skin instead of trying to out-smart our body’s natural mechanism with overly treated chemical products.

YBP Skin Care is based on the science of how your skin, body, and mind function together, rather than the concept of selling one “magic” product promising to give you the most beautiful poreless skin with just one application.

We believe in nourishing the skin, nourishing the body, nourishing the soul — not beating, scrubbing, and punishing it into submission.

Payal & Satyen Thaker