I know you have seen your favorite vlogger using makeup perfector while applying makeup, so you went on to get a makeup sponge.

As you know makeup is incomplete without a good sponge. But it is not just a good sponge that matters, it is also the technique of using it. I have tried different ways of applying makeup and sponge application surely turned out to be the best way to give my makeup airbrush perfection. Get that dewy dumpling glow with the perfect sponge.

It gets really difficult to apply makeup evenly on areas like the corner of our eyes. A drop-shaped sponge makes it easier for you to reach difficult spots on your face with a pointed edge on the drop. A latex-free sponge is gentle on your skin.

How to choose the right sponge?

The size of the sponge should be medium. A drop-shaped sponge is preferable to shape to blend your makeup in the difficult corners. There are various makeup sponges in India but choosing a soft one is important. YBP makeup perfector will feel feathery soft on your skin.

A flat sponge is a big no-no as you have to spread the makeup on your face. Spreading your makeup means treating your skin harshly.

How to use? 

Step 1: Wet your sponge and squeeze the excess water.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of foundation on the round end and start applying on your face. Do not rub or drag your sponge, gently dab or blog it on your face. Treat your face like a goddess with the soft drop sponge. Use the dabbing technique while applying concealer or cream and cheek blush.

  • Do not press the sponge too hard on your skin to blend the makeup.

Step 3: It can be difficult to use the dabbing technique while applying concealer or cream blush. I would suggest to just apply small drops onto your cheeks or problem areas and blend your makeup with the beauty blender.

Step 4: While you blend the small dots of the products use the pointed end to blend it out. While doing so be careful that you do not spread makeup on the other areas of your face.

Step 5: I would say a patchy makeup looks awful and you don’t want to look like that and head out. So to blend all the patches give a finishing roll of the sponge on your face. Roll the sides of makeup perfector for that finishing touch.

Step 6: Once you are done with the finishing touch don’t forget to wash your sponge to keep it clean and hygienic.Buying an over the counter sponge in the market is kind of defeating the purpose of maintaining soft beautiful skin. If you use various products on your skin you must use a different sponge for various products. So, enjoy your cruelty-free makeup routine by using the sponge in the right way.

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