I love to go out for my girls night. Girls night for me is about dressing up and applying classy makeup. I know makeup is a tricky thing for most of us. Hence, I use a makeup perfector to give that perfect finishing touch to my makeup. While applying foundation or concealer is not that difficult, but a cream blush can be tricky for a makeup newbie. 

Makeup is an art that you can learn with practice and time. Color cream is the handiest and easy to apply blush for anyone. The liquid form of the blush makes it even simpler to apply at the right places with a beauty blender. 

So, here is how you can apply Color Cream with a Makeup Perfector. 

Step 1: Locate the apples of your cheeks on your cheekbones- 

You can apply blush on your cheeks or on your cheekbones. Smile properly to locate your cheeks. The area of your cheek that rises while you are smiling is the apple of your cheeks. To find your cheekbones suck in your cheeks making a fish face. The area on your cheekbones where you can experience indentation is where you can apply your blush. 

If you have hollow cheeks and high cheekbones it would be great if you apply on your cheeks giving you that angular look. 

If you have a round face try applying blush on your cheekbones, it will give your face a slimmer look. Apply the colour cream on the higher part of your cheekbones. 

Step 2: Now put small dots on the part of your cheeks you want to apply the blush. 

Step 3: Use the pointed side of your makeup perfector. Gently wipe it in an upward motion on your cheeks or cheekbones to give a good angular look to your face. 
Blush gives a contouring and angular shape to your face. Using colour cream as a blush is a simpler way of doing makeup. So get that dewy, glowy look in just three simple steps.

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