Acne is one of the most common skin problems everywhere.I have been through the same problem from a very long time. Also at the same time when I went through the acne phase, it was very hard for me to choose the right makeup. I was so scared to apply any makeup on my sensitive skin. As there are many makeup products that are not paraben-free and has hidden chemicals that would cause me even more breakouts. 

So, when I decided to start my own makeup line, I was sure I wanted to make something that is vegan and contains no unnecessary harsh chemicals that can cause any skin problems. There are hardly any makeup brands that are cruelty-free, Vegan, and also making makeup products keeping sensitive skin in mind. We at YBP use only FDA approved ingredients to make our products. We also avoid using TALC in our products which is a common factor for developing rashes, acne or extremely dry skin. 

When you have acne-prone skin you are just not happy to apply any makeup. I have been through this phase, I used to cover my face with makeup before I step outside my house and once I take it off, I end up with even more breakouts on my skin. 

After a lot of research, we came up with four colors that perfectly blend with the Indian skin tone. Princess, Mermaid, Witch and Goddess are beautiful colors formulated without talc or paraben which is amazing for your acne-prone skin. These quintessential colors are specially formulated for Indian skin tone, keeping sensitive skin in mind.

Now I proudly wear ColorCreams which are 100% vegan makeup and i know the ingredients are all sourced from the good place, tested by FDA  and so I don’t worry about my acne when I wear them. My skin is safe and healthy even with makeup on. 

The best part about three of the colors i.e. The Princess, The Mermaid and The Witch is that they are infused with Vitamin E and Rose Essential oils, which takes care of inflammation and nourishes your skin when you wear them, and it actually smells like roses. 

The Goddess is the best formula to blend with your foundation and give that glowy and dewy look without enhancing your pores. This golden Color Cream is our highest seller because it adds glow on your face which doesn’t look unreal or superficial. This is the best makeup product you can use to add that natural looking glow on your face. 

These ColorCreams are so blendable that you can mix two of them and create a new color of your own. Use it as an eye shadow, cheek stain and lipstick. Forget about carrying a huge makeup kit to work or meetings. Just this one product in your bag and you are good to go. Your makeup routine is done in no time.  

The Color Cream can be used as a cream blush, lip and cheek stain. One product with three uses. So invest in one product that’s Vegan, Cruelty free, Made with good ingredients and can be used it in so many different ways.

Check out Shreya Jain’s daily routine with YBP makeup:

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