Interview with Dr. Priyali Shah

Since I have been on my journey to treat my skin and body as naturally as i can, there are still times when i need, and should take help from science to do it’s magic and fasten the healing process.

It’s all about having the right balance and most importantly finding the right person to guide you through whether medically or Holistically.

My first advice to anyone who asks me, how to deal with the skin problems or what’s the right way to start the skin care is always that; stick to one routine, one person, one pattern. For example: If you find someone who’s treatment or advice is working for you and if you see even the tiniest of improvement, don’t get impatient and look for more advice and treatments at multiple places, this is where you get trapped and fall back to where you started.

When you write to me and tell me you have sensitive skin and hormonal acne, I will suggest you a mix of things in a proportion that will work to heal and cure your congested skin, but if you are doing multiple things from 5 different places, it is going to backfire and hurt your skin. Our body is more delicate and complex than we think it is. It works on a placebo effect more than you can even imagine, and that is why it requires more love, positive energy, and mostly trust in the person who is treating you and only then you will be able to see the results you want.

Moving on to today’s topic: I met Dr. Priyali shah through a friend who suffered from serious acne and scarring all her life. And while i saw her skin improve after every treatment i was keen on meeting her doctor because i wanted to have at least one Dermat’s phone number on my speed dial in case my skin decides to freak out or someday i might need a doctor for that quick session of vitamin C peel or whatever fancy treatment she could provide for my nasty sensitive skin.

Although i am very scared of dermats due to my past experiences, i had subconsciously decided that i will only meet Dr. Priyali Shah but never undergo any treatments she may have to offer me. But as soon as i met her and talked about skin and other issues, i figured she is the right person to go to if i ever needed any medical help with my skin in the future.

Dr. Priyali is the most kind and empathetic doctor i have ever met. Most dermats don’t realize that treating acne is embarrassing and mentally challenging for patients because having pimples is not considered as life threatening disease and so most friends and families are not sympathetic or kind towards the person who’s dealing with it. Therefore more than the treatment, the patients are looking for kindness and communication with the doctor who is treating them.

Now, coming back to Dr. Priyali Shah, I had to convince her to do an interview for my blog so i could help and provide you guys with some answers and science behind the skin problems we deal with…

This interview has no commercials, barter business involved. It’s really just so you could hear her out and choose a right dermat for yourself or you could come visit her, if you are suffering from any unresolved skin problems which requires medical attention. I really can’t recommend enough of her! she is an amazing person and a very confident doctor. Hope this will help.

Happy Aging Backwards! xo – Payal




Product Recommendations:

Cleanser: Any light gel based, non-comedogenic face wash like Moiz Cleanser or Fash Foam Wash.

Moisturizer: Facemoist – It’s intensive and has anti-aging properties. Suits all skin types.

Scrub: Chocolite Scrub

Night Cream: Depending on the weather and the hormonal influence over my skin Vitamin C serums or Retinol based creams. Like Vitsera Serum or Retiage Cream.

Sunscreen: Ekran Soft Sunscreen or Photostable Gold sunscreen
All the above mentioned products should be available at your local medical shop.

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