Haha!!  I know the title of this blog sounds like those cheap ‘too good to be true’ commercial deals you watch during your fav shows. But in this case, it’s just not! Because I’m not selling you anything here…not yet. 😀


Not many of you know but i used to write skincare blogs and diy skincare recipes on my old website (really good ones). It didn’t really do well, because i guess most people are looking for quick-fixes (don’t worry, i used to be like that with my skin) and there weren’t brand collaborations or anything like that for someone like me lol. Soon  with so many bloggers and you-tubers reviewing amazing skincare brands, and all different things they were doing on instagram with big brand collaborations, I kinda felt left out and I figured i was never going to keep up with it as i had a very low engagement (sad) So i stopped writing. Anyway, i started writing again this time around because of my husband, he thinks i have a great ability to filter things from what i learn, understand them, and make others understand it in a very simple manner. Skin care is my passion, I was born for it! Haha really! So he asked me to start writing again, and this time i am very happy with where i am in life and with YBP !! Honestly, this part of me is more to connect with you guys, and help those who are on the same path as i am with the self-care journey.


I understand with so many things out there, sponsored and unsponsored, it can be overwhelming and you don’t know what to do, and how exactly to start with the basic few steps that can put you on the right track. So here, i have prepared a simple yet disciplined 10 days routine that will focus on your well-being, and make you beautiful inside-out. I have made this “10 days Skin Detox Challenge” that is specifically targeted to help those with skin issues like acne, pimples, infection, discoloration, dermatitis, eczema, allergies etc, etc. 


STEP 1:  Hot/Cold  Infusion – Start your morning with a glass of infusion that you will need to prepare from before. As in my previous post i have shared with you, how you can prepare your cold/hot infusion for healthy skin. You can pick any of these below infusions. You can either stick to just one herb, or you can try different ones from the below mentioned herbs, every other day for the next 10 days.


( Remember: These three infusions are my pick for clearing up your skin and getting a healthy glow)



How to make Cold/Hot Infusions: follow this link to learn how to make these infusions. 



( Start your day with a glass of this INFUSION on an empty stomach )


STEP 2: Apply Manuka Honey face pack for 30 mins EVERY DAY.

Look, I heard you!  I know Manuka Honey is expensive !! but if you are struggling with acne, redness, fungal infection, eczema, etc etc then you are already trying a lot of different medications which is costing you money and may work for sometime or it maybe a total waste. Think of Manuka Honey as a great replacement to all those expensive topical medications and painful treatments. Also, Manuka can be used as a face pack, cleanser, add it to some brown sugar and it acts like a potent face scrub. One bottle will last a long time and will heal your skin naturally over the time without the use of any strong harsh skin care ingredients. 🙂  


You can read about Manuka Honey here:



Step 3:  Take these supplements after breakfast: multivitamins, probiotics, oregano, turmeric, garlic, and cinnamon. Now, you can take other supplements like Fish oil and vitamin c and many more, but these 6 are must to include in our 10 days challenge because they are going to heal your body from within and fight any condition that you maybe currently suffering from.


You can read about supplements here:



Step 4: Repeat your infusion. Drink another glass of your herbal infusion. You can make a big batch and drink it all day but at least 2 glasses are a must!


Step 5:  Yogurt mask for 15  mins every other day. We talked about the importance of lactic acid present in yogurt. Naturally-occurring lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells and works as a gentle exfoliator for the skin. lactic acid also reduces the signs of aging (like wrinkles and fine lines), treats and prevents pimples, and brightens discoloration and scarring. It’s also practically FREE!

So while your infusions and supplements are fixing you on the inside, simple yogurt mask will work on the outside to heal your skin discoloration and redness.


Read about yogurt here:



Step 6: Have a bowl of unprocessed raw yogurt everyday. Yogurt is filled with natural Probiotics, it will increase the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut and stop inflammation and infection that causes acne and redness. And we need those healthy bacteria to work for us so we can defeat our skin conditions asap!


Read about yogurt here:



Step 7: Apply Jojoba oil 3 times a day and wear sunscreen – Last and the final step, don’t apply any other moisturizer or creams for the next 10 days. Stick to applying only jojoba oil( this is important). This exercise will also help you to find out if you are allergic to any of the skincare ingredients that you are lathering up on your face everyday. So gather all your moisturizers, face masks, scrubs and store them away for the next few days.


Take a few drops on your palms and massage your face and neck 2-3 times a day with Jojoba oil. If you are going to be out in the direct sunlight pls don’t forget to wear your sunscreen on top of it.


Again, i get it Jojoba is expensive! But the same logic applies here as well. Instead of purchasing 5 different creams, if you just stick to one thing that’s simple, natural, and works for your skin then isn’t it better?  Jojoba oil will also last you really long because all you need is just 2-3 drops and that’s it. It’s an investment you will never regret.


Read about Jojoba Oil here:



Conclusion: This is a very basic yet effective routine that you will be following for 10 days. The whole purpose of this routine is to get into the rhythm with your skin, and bring awareness to your body by keeping it simple. When you give your body a lot of complex substances in the form of antibiotics and strong topical creams it backfires and tries to get rid of it because it’s not used to it, and maybe it doesn’t know how to process it all.


Within these 10 days I want you to take a clear picture of yourself every morning and make notes on how you are feeling internally. This will help you to understand your own body and will later help you to understand which of these items to include or exclude in your everyday routine. Remember, this is just a first step where we are focusing on detoxifying and cleaning up the mess we have created within ourselves. 🙂


Note: If you follow this routine and if you feel a little nauseous and a mild stomach cramps, it’s totally fine. Your body has started to detoxify and your gut is a step closer to getting clean and strong.  

To get good results, don’t skip any of the above steps and be disciplined, avoid having processed food, and drinks while you are on this routine. Later you can go back to keeping a balance of healthy diet and indulging in your fav food.


Reminder: Don’t forget to write notes for yourself, and share your journey below so I can guide you through if needed, and we can all connect and share our stories/pics to help each other. 🙂


If you participate in this challenge, comment yes with an exact date you start your skin detox.

ask me anything in the comments below during your skin detox and i will guide you through.


Things you will notice after 10 days:


  1. Less redness                                                  
  1. Less puffiness                                            
  1. Drying of cystic and hormonal acne                                               
  1. Hopefully no new acne                                    
  1. Any other skin conditions such as  dermatitis and eczema will reduce
  1. You will feel more energetic and you will notice a subtle glow on your face


                                                 Happy Aging Backwards! Xoxo- Payal


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